Eco Sustainability Policy


We care deeply about the people and the environment in which we live. We are committed to help and support not only the environment but also the local community in every way possible. We have adopted an Eco Sustainability Policy to achieve operations with the priority to continuously save energy, water and conduct proper waste management with a view to reduce our carbon footprint for years to come.


One of our main aims is to support the local community in every way we can. For this reason, hiring local employees is one of our top priorities.

Local & Regional Products

As much possible we support local and regional producers, small family businesses and cooperatives, to contribute to the local economy and be strong ambassadors for local products.

Sustainable Travel

Following "Take only memories with you, leave nothing but footprints", we encourage our guests to be part of our sustainability efforts throughout their stay.

Nature Preservation

Cooperation with the Xiromero municipality and Mytikas authorities to preserve the environment and natural beauty of the area.

Cooperation With Local Professionals

We aim to cooperate with local professionals who are at the same level of environmental awareness.

Activities With Environmental Organizations

We aim to make activities with environmental organizations and organize beach cleaning and garbage collection actions.

Staff Awareness

Raising awareness of our staff, with the aim of its active presence in environmental management.

Vegan & Vegetarian Snacks

Plenty of Vegan and Vegetarian menu options are provided, always focus on offering seasonal and fresh ingredient based dishes.

Skip Towel & Sheets change

You can always skip towel & sheets change by putting the special card on the bed.


When it will be possible in cooperation with the municipality of Xiromero, we plan to provide special containers for the separation of paper, glass, plastic and aluminium.

Water Saving

As we do at home, we do not leave the faucet running continuously while washing, shaving, or brushing our teeth. Save water when you shower in your room and don't let it run when you don't need it.

Unplug Devices

Unplugging devices when they're not in use or done charging will not only save energy, but will also extend their lifespan.

Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

You can bring your own coffee mug and get a discount at the bar.

Glass Water Bottles

We use glass instead of plastic bottles. In the bar area we offer glass and in the pool and beach large plastic PET bottles. We make sure empty bottles are separated and stored properly.

Biodegradable Packaging

We use biodegradable packaging for snacks and all glasses are made from natural materials, compostable, recyclable, biodegradable and other reusable.

Paper & Biodegradable Straws

We use paper straws or other biodegradable materials such as wheat and bamboo, which are friendly to the environment, but also to our health.

Bottled Water for employees

Considering that the tap water is potable but quite 'hard', for the daily needs of everyone working in the hotel we use bottled water in 20 liter refillable containers. The containers are returned, refilled and at the end of their life cycle they are 100% recycled.

Bathroom Amenities

Bathroom amenities products are made from natural ingredients and their packaging from recycled materials. We use liquid soap, shampoo and shower gel in refillable biodegradable containers.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Use of certified biodegradable toilet paper in all the bathrooms of the rooms and shared WCs.

Eco Cleaning Products

Cleaning spaces with environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-allergenic biodegradable ecological products. We use biodegradable waste bags.

Laundry Eco Products

We use laundry products that are environmentally friendly and do not contain phosphates.

Paperless Operations

We try as much possible to be paperless in our daily operations and transactions. We use FSC certified paper for printing.

Aluminium, Paper, Glass, Plastic Recycling

We aim to recycle aluminum, paper, glass in special bins when it will be possible in cooperation with the municipality of Xiromero.

Batteries Recycling

We recycle batteries in collaboration with the company Battery Recycling AFIS.

Toner and Ink Cartridges Recycling

We recycle printing toner and ink cartridges in collaboration with the company Recycling Devices S.A.

Lamps Recycling

We recycle lamps in collaboration with the company Fotokiklosi S.A.

Biological Treatment of Waste Water

Installation and operation of modern and certified biological treatment of waste water.

Collection of Organic Waste

We aim to collect organic waste in special bin when it will be possible in cooperation with the municipality of Xiromero.

Collection and Recycling of Used Cooking Oils

We collect and recycle cooking oils in collaboration with the company Prasino Ladi.

Solar Energy

We use solar panels on rooftop for water heating purposes.

Daikin VRV & Heat pump Inverter Type

Customised comfort, intelligent control and increased energy efficiency, through Daikin VRV heat pump.

LED Lighting

In all areas of the hotel and for the lighting of the pool, we use modern low-energy LED strips & lamps that consume 75% less energy and emit 75% less heat.

Clima Auto Off

We use a system that automatically shuts off the clima when the balcony door is opened, helping to avoid the unnecessary use and consumption of energy.

Clima Thermostats

The existence of thermostats in all guest rooms and in the common areas of the hotel for autonomy and optimization of air conditioning consumption.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion and Presence Sensor Lights in Shared WCs.

Magnetic Key Cards

We use magnetic key cards that when removed when leaving the room automatically cut off the power supply.

Room Central Power Switch

Use of central power switch in the rooms.


We use LED Smart TVs with low energy consumption.

Kitchen Equipment

We use professional kitchen equipment with low energy consumption.

Dishwasher Equipment

We use professional dishwasher equipment with low water & energy consumption.

Laundry Equipment

We use professional laundry equipment with low water & energy consumption.

Dual Flush Cisterns

Dual flush cisterns in guest bathrooms and public toilets.

Garden Watering

We selected specific Mediterranean plants in the garden that have a low watering requirement. Automatic watering system for maximum water saving.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Application of double glazing in the rooms and in all common areas, minimizing losses to the environment and therefore reducing the need for energy for heating/cooling, effectively protecting the environment.

External Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation is a vital component of the building design and is used to improve energy efficiency, keeping the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing is a key process for properly waterproofing a building's concrete foundation.