Complaints Policy

Costa Ionica Hotel aims to continuously improve the services provided to its guests. Effective complaints management is fundamental to the provision of quality services and provides a platform for obtaining feedback from its guests with the purpose of resolving disputes and reforming policies and procedures.

For this purpose, the hotel has developed and established a Complaints Management Policy, which is designed to provide guidance on the way in which the Hotel receives and manages complaints, comments or suggestions for improvement. We guarantee that we will address any complaints, comments, or suggestions for improvement in a respectful and discreet manner, prioritizing the privacy of our guests.

Complaint Procedure

Every guest at Hotel has the right to make a complaint by following the procedure outlined below:
Initially, the guest should inform the hotel reception to seek an immediate solution to the issue.

In the case that an immediate solution cannot be achieved, the guest should proceed to fill out the designated complaint form available at the hotel reception or simply electronically with the following Complaint form, providing also comprehensive reservation details (including full name, arrival and departure dates, and room number) ensuring a clear and comprehensive description of the problem.

Another option is to send a message to the hotel’s specific email address, providing comprehensive reservation details (including full name, arrival and departure dates, and room number), along with a concise and explicit description of the complaint. This will facilitate the resolution of the issue at hand.

A formal response will be sent by the hotel within some days of the course of the complaint.

Complaint Form