Defense Castle of ancient Alyzia
(Kastri position)

Defensive castle of ancient Alyzia, built in a prominent position that controls sea and land passages. The area is accessible by a dirt road from the village of Archontochori. Inside the castle, you will find a unique stone carving depicting Health, Asclepius with the snake, Athena and Hermes. The view from Kastri is magnificent and the visit is definitely worth it.

Ancient city of Alyzia

An ancient city, founded in the 6th century BC by Alyzeas, brother of Penelope, Odysseus’s wife. Ancient Alyzia greatly prospered during the Hellenistic times. Parts of the walls as well as the ruins of four defensive towers are preserved.

Ancient Dam of Alyzia

One of the greatest achievements of ancient technology is the dam of ancient Alyzia, very close to the village of Varnakas. The dam was built around the 4th century BC for the protection of the plains of Alysia, which were of particular importance for the ancient city.

Varnakas Castle (or Castle of Glosson)

Near the village of Varnakas there are ruins of a castle in the location “Glosses”, in a prominent position. A large part of the walls, some basements and towers are preserved.

Defense Tower of ancient Alyzia
(Pyrgos location)

The defense tower is located along the current road that leads from ancient Alyzia to Archontohori, at Pyrgos site. Here there was an ancient passage, which connected the mainland of Acarnania with the coastal area towards Kalamos. The ancient tower stands tall in spite of the years, in the wilderness. From its position we understand its function. The role of the Tower seems to have been supervisory and defensive.

Temple of Artemis Epikratia

Small sanctuary of the 4th century BC, in the area of ​​Drymonas, Archontochori. Remains of the sanctuary are preserved.

Heraklion Temple in the port of ancient Alyzia

In the bay of Vulko, near church of the Holy Trinity of Mytikas, was the port of ancient Alyzia, part of which was occupied by a monument to Hercules, of which few ruins are now preserved.