Walk the children's path (hiking trail)

Discover this new trail called Children’s Path in Panagoula (nearby Mytikas).

~ Daphnoula, Creek of Pyrgos, Old Path Zavitsas (Stone road section),
Pyrgos – Observatory tower of Ancient Alyzia, Xera small village, Agia Kyriaki, Daphnoula ~

Distance: 4,52 Km

Elevation gain: 145 m

Technical difficulty: Moderate

⚠ Always wear closed hiking shoes. The path at the point of Pyrgos becomes almost climbing path (clear and adequately marked).

☼ Thanks to the idea of path opening, cleaning and trail waymarking by John Pavelis, help of several volunteers and the participation of the Municipality of Xiromero.

For more information and photos, please visit:

Children’s Path (Panagoula, Etoloakarnania)
(source: mytikaspress.blogspot.com)