Visit the nearby islands of Kalamos & Kastos

In the Ionian archipelago, between Lefkada and Etoloakarnania, there are many small and larger islands, with the most famous being Meganisi and Onassis’ Scorpios. However, the magic of the route starts from two small, unknown to most, islands that are located opposite Mytikas, Kalamos and Kastos.

Kalamos is for the most part a mountainous green paradise. It has a population of about 600 permanent residents. There are four settlements on the island: Kalamos, Episkopi, Kastro and Kefali. There are no vehicles on the island. You may travel on foot or by bike. The distances are short and easy. In Kalamos you will find pebble beaches with turquoise deep waters and small taverns with great food! Wherever you go, the peace and quiet you will encounter will make you feel as if time has stopped!

In Kastos, the smallest inhabited island of the Ionian Islands with about 50 permanent residents, you will find a single settlement, but many wonderful beaches with turquoise waters. Unlike Kalamos, which is mountainous, Kastos is adorned with low hills and olive groves. Here too, you will enjoy walking or cycling without any other vehicles around.